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Parts Work
Parts Work can help you decrease experiences of dissociation.

Do you ever have the experience of “on one hand I feel sad and on the other hand I hate feeling sad” or “part of me really wants to say yes while another is screaming no”? Everyone has parts or facets of the self. However, when we experience trauma or significantly negative experiences, these parts can become even more fragmented and disconnected leading to experiences of dissociation. This can feel like another side of you taking over – saying things or doing things that don’t necessarily fit you or seem to come out of nowhere. Depending on the degree of dissociation, these parts can be so separated from one another that it creates completely different personas that are completely unaware of the others.

Parts work involves identifying and working with your different parts to understand their roles, needs, and conflicts. The goal of Parts Work is to foster communication, cooperation, and harmony among the different parts of yourself. You’ll learn to recognize and honor the protective functions of certain parts, while also addressing the needs and wounds of other parts. You can work towards integration and healing, allowing parts to work together as a cohesive and balanced self.

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