Sand Tray Play Admin July 19, 2023
Sand Tray Play
Sand tray therapy can help you explore and resolve a wide range of psychological and emotional issues, such as trauma, grief, anxiety, self-esteem, and relationship difficulties

Through this creative and symbolic process, you may gain a deeper understanding of yourself, develop problem-solving skills, and experience emotional healing.

Sand tray therapy is an evidence-based therapy that involves using a tray filled with sand and a collection of miniature objects. It’s a non-verbal and expressive form of therapy that allows you to create a world within the sand tray that represents your inner experiences and emotions.

In sand tray therapy, you’ll have access to a variety of miniature objects, such as figures of people, animals, buildings, and natural elements. You’ll have the freedom to choose and arrange these objects in the sand tray to create scenes or landscapes that reflect your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. It gives you a sense of control and agency as you shape your environment and project your feelings onto the objects in the tray.

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